Global Citizens B.V. is an investment firm that was founded by André Kievit in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Kievit has been a global citizen himself for many years, and understands the difficulties the lifestyle brings with it. Global Citizens B.V. is a corporate spin off that was part of the re-branding process of Tysma | Lems International Tax Consultants, whereby the outdated word ‘expat’ is substituted with global citizens.

Global Citizens supports and invests in ideas, concepts and businesses, with the objective to fully facilitate the global citizens’ lifestyle.  In addition, this could be products or services. In effect, the basic structures will be accessible to a global citizen, in order to aid their lifestyle.

With the increase of global citizens and semigrants on a global scale, it is crucial that the basic foundations are created for this lifestyle.  Global Citizens’ vision is to fully facilitate the lives of global citizens, and to become the global market leader in this growing market.